How do police track phones? How to track?

Police track phones to locate a person or to locate a criminal. It makes it easier for the police to find the person. However, a person may need to be tracked for various reasons.

The question that may come to our minds is, how do the police track our phones? What technology is used for tracking, or how does the tracking system work? Like in law enforcement, can we track a person? Today’s article will learn more about how the police locate us.

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How do the police track the phone?

Police or law enforcement can track your phone in two ways. One is GPS technology, and the other is with the help of a SIM operator. The police take your call history, past location, etc., from the mobile operator. However, they use SIM operators to determine your current and past areas. They also collect all the digital information about a person to investigate.

When you use the SIM of an operator, that operator knows your current location, and they know it, using cell towers. As we know, every mobile operator uses a cell tower to provide our services. These cell towers operate across certain areas, so they set up their cell towers all over the country, where each tower is called a cell tower.

Your mobile always receives signals from the cell tower near you and then stores that signal in the operator’s central database. It is effortless to determine which cell tower you are currently located on. However, it is impossible to find a person’s exact location in this way. If a person is under a tower, it is impossible to find him in those areas, and we need to know the exact current location of that person.

And the police also use this cell tower’s information to find a person’s exact location. However, I am discussing this issue in the following points: identifying a person’s position.

Let’s find out how the police track your location.

How do track the location of a mobile phone?

To track the location of a mobile phone through a mobile operator, police use three cell tower signals. All the nearby cell towers receive signals from where your mobile is now, and all the cell towers near your mobile can know by movement how far you are from that tower.

If you want to know the process of identifying your location through the signals of multiple cell towers, you need to give an example. Suppose you are lost somewhere. However, even if you do not know the address of that location, you will know the address of the surrounding location. Tell one of your friends the distance of three places from your area. You said that you are so far away from this place. You are so far away from this place. Now your friend will find your position from three directions, but very quickly. But to get the exact location of that friend, we have to take the help of mathematical geometry.

How can it find you just by saying your distance from a particular place? Let’s take a look at that.

How do track the mobile phone?

How do track the phone?

This time, the police combine signals from three towers to track your location. Then, with those signals, a circle is drawn at your distance (as seen in the picture above). This is how far you are from the three towers near you. Now draw a circle to know which side you are on and which position you are on the map. Suppose your distance from one tower is 5 kilometers, one tower is three kilometers and another two kilometers. If there is a circle pressure from that tower based on the distance, those three circles will intersect at a particular point. So this time, it is possible to say where you are now with absolute certainty.

The police use the mobile operator’s towers to track. This information about the network can be seen on every mobile phone. These include MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID (CID) data, etc. (See the image below). As you can see, the MCC, MNC, LAC, and CellID (CID) data can be seen here. Here, MCC stands for Mobile Country Code, MNC is Mobile Network Code, LAC is the Location Area Code, and CellID (CID) is the Cell Identification.

Now the question may be, Is it possible for police to track past activities?

Can police track past activity?

The police will be able to identify all your past locations. When your mobile is on, it is always connected to the cell tower of the mobile operator. When you move from one area to another, your mobile network is connected to the cell tower in that area. The SIM of the operator you are currently using is continuously updating your mobile’s location. In this case, the nearest cell towers from your mobile location always receive signals from your mobile, storing them on their central server.

If the police need to know your past location, they will collect your information from the SIM operator’s database. Then using those signals, the police see through the computer software where you were on that date.

How do police track using GPS?

Police also use GPS systems to track you. GPS or Global Positioning System works mainly through satellite. If the tracked person is a smartphone user, the police use GPS technology to locate him accurately. To track a person first, the mobile with that person is first identified; He is then tracked using the data of that mobile using GPS if necessary.

Phones are tracked in the same way as cell towers using satellites. Signals are received from a few satellites to find the device’s location, and then the phone is tracked.

The mobile operator’s cooperation is more important for the police to track a person. Where mobile operators also always give such access to law enforcement. In addition, if a person commits a crime with a SIM card and throws away that SIM card, it is possible to find you later. Even if you drop the SIM card, it is possible to track you later. So, how is this possible? Check out my next article to find out how the police track you down even if you drop your SIM card.

If you carry a cell phone with you, it will not be difficult for law enforcement to track you down. Police or law enforcement can track you at any time and locate you.

Guys, these were ways for the police to track down a person. Hopefully, the police have discovered the details about tracking the phone and how the tracking is done.

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