How to create a strong ‍and good Password for your account?

Cyber risk is increasing due to people’s reliance on the internet. We need to create accounts on different websites, and we have to give a password there. However, due to the weakness of our passwords, we are often at risk. Because a website does not have a strong password, we often face cyber attacks.

Therefore, to secure our accounts on various websites on the internet, it is essential to create a strong password. Strong passwords are much more effective at securing an account and protecting us from potential hacking. So we need to create a good quality password to keep our account safe.

We need to keep some things in mind to create a good quality password. And then, we can create a strong password. Let’s look at how to create a strong or good password.

1. Avoid simple words when creating passwords

To create a strong password, you must first avoid simple words. Simple word passwords are always weak—simple words like” 123456, abcdefg, mypassword“, ETC. If the password for such a simple word is too much, these passwords can be easily hacked by hackers; because hackers use programmed bots to find these passwords.

If you have this kind of password, they can get it out with minimal effort. Also, this type of password can be guessed by anyone. If you enter a simple word password, it will always be at risk for your account. So, when creating a password, you must avoid simple word passwords.

And to create a strong quality password, you must choose a strong word password. Also, keep a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters inside the password. However, we will learn more about creating a good quality password in the following points.

2. Choose a long password to create a strong password

When creating a strong password for your account, prolong that password. A long password is always strong, and a long one can be complicated for anyone to guess. When you create a long password, it is much harder and impossible to hack.

When creating a password for any of your accounts, try to make it longer. Also, use complex words, symbols, numbers, and letters inside the password. Combining different words, symbols, letters, and numbers inside a long password makes that password much more robust. And such passwords become almost impossible for hackers to hack.

So to create a strong password, you must keep these things in mind. And then, you can create a good quality password.

3. Combine different letters and numbers to strengthen the password

To make a password strong, you need to have a variety of letters and numbers inside it. The combination of memorable characters, numbers, and words inside a password strengthens that password. Examples of passwords for words, numbers, and symbols such as S100$@(Hi/my)100, C2{xTgVQ?d, AcroXYBZa_, K(DCF^4/Bf.

When strengthening your password, don’t forget the password again. When creating passwords with words, numbers, and letters, we must avoid forgetting passwords. So, create a password with a combination of characters you can remember. And for extra caution, you can write the password or use the password manager. That way, you won’t have to worry about giving a solid password for your account.

4. Use sentences or parts of sentences as passwords

If you want to make a password stronger, we know you must make it longer. And if you use a part of a sentence when creating a password, your password will be much stronger and easier to remember. When creating a password, you cannot use any sentence directly. Instead, you can use part of the sentence there.

Such as: “I always love to travel.” I took the second letter of each word from this sentence and put my favorite number and symbol after each letter. Then the password will be much stronger. For example, {I$loor}%2022, This is a password created by combining the second letter of the words in the sentence above. In your case, you can use any word in a sentence as you wish and add some notes and symbols in the middle of it. And then your password will become much strong.

If you search on Google for “strong password generator” or “secure password generator,” you will find more websites. And without creating a password yourself, you can also take the help of various password generator websites. These password generator websites will give you a strong password.

5. Do not use the same password everywhere.

We often use the same password in multiple accounts. But even if your password is strong, this password should not use on multiple accounts. Because, if somehow someone can find out your password, they will try to take control of your other accounts as well, because many people use the same password for multiple accounts. In this case, the risk remains if you set the same password for multiple accounts.

So, create strong passwords for your different accounts separately and write them elsewhere if necessary. For that, you can use the password manager on your device.

6. To remember strong passwords, use the password manager

However, I think it would be better to use a password manager to keep your passwords. When using different strong passwords across multiple accounts, it’s hard to remember them. So, you can use Password Manager to save these passwords. Also, you can save your password by typing it somewhere.

If you save the passwords in the password manager, you will have no more obstacles to creating strong passwords. In this case, you can create a strong password for your account at will. Because by doing this, there will be no possibility of forgetting or losing your password.

Last talk

A strong password is essential for any of our accounts. We need such a strong lock for the security of our house; In the same way, we need a strong password to protect our various accounts online. And if you follow the above steps while creating a password, you will be able to create a strong and suitable password.

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